Thứ Ba, 28 tháng 6, 2011

Games : Cat Breeder

Cat Breeder

Description: Welcome to this new addicting virtual pet game where you need to bread these cute cats like your child! In this game, take care of your lovely cats and pets: fondle them, breed and give them medical care.. to make them happy and healthy

Games : Fish Catcher

Fish Catcher

Description: Help this little kitty to get his fishes. Go up to the surface to breed and avoid the dragonflies and sea worms.
How To Play: Use Arrow Keys to interact.

Games : Mr And Mrs Jerry Kissing

Description: Make Mr and Mrs Jerry kiss and fill the kissing loader before the time gets over.
How To Play: This game is played with mouse only.

Games : Honey Flowers

Honey Flowers

Description: Sweet honey comes from sweet flowers. The four DoliDoli friends invite you to use your skills into becoming the greatest bee-keeper and produce some sweet honey. Plant, seed and water the flowers from which the bees will come take the pollen away to make the delicious honey. Enlarge with each level your production land and acquire more bees. Make a profit, earn more cash and see how your honey will be more and more appreciated and requested by Toto, Sisi, Lisa and Mina. Enjoy the beautiful colors of the flowers planted and prove your skills are exactly what it takes to master this lovely Honey Flowers game. Good luck and have fun!
How To Play: This game is played with mouse only.

Games : Naughty Kitty

Naughty Kitty

Description: This naughty kitty is bored at home. He wants to play some tricks and mess around the room when his master is distracted by other things. But watch out! He might be caught at any time!
How To Play: This game is played with mouse only.

Games : pet-caring-game


Description: This adorable adoption center needs your help taking care of cute kitties and puppies. Feed them, play with them and pet them when they need love. Take out their litter and keep them safe, happy and healthy.
How To Play: This game is played with mouse only.

Games : Cute Kitty Dress Up

Cute Kitty Dress Up

Give this cute kitty a crafty look that'll satisfy her devious side!

Thứ Hai, 27 tháng 6, 2011

Games : Sisi Wants Toto's Cake

 Sisi Wants Toto's Cake

Description: Yummy, finger-licking cakes are all Toto's specialties. But Sisi, the cheeky cat, wants to taste them and enjoy their flavor as well. He needs to do good copies of Toto's cakes so he cam make his own delicious thee-layers cakes. So let's join Toto and Sisi in the kitchen, take a peak at Toto's cake and replicate it on Sisi's plate. Toto doesn't mind, since he is very happy someone appreciates his cooking talents and cake masterpieces. Decorate the cake using fruits, wiped-cream, candies, candles and even firecrackers, following Toto's recipe in each level. Sisi wants Toto's cake, so he is going to get it, right? The results are of course super yummy, so enjoy!
How To Play: This game is played with mouse only.

Games : Kitties And Puppies

Kitties And Puppies 

Description: A very nice virtual pet makeover game. Find yourself the cutest puppy or kitten. Help your little one to feel happy! 

Games : Swing Cat

Swing Cat

Description: This is a two player game. Your goal is to knock down your opponent cat by swinging and bumping the bricks in the middle a couple of times to let it fall on your opponent's face.
How To Play: A - Player 1's key to bump the walls.
L - Player 2's key to bump the walls.

Games : Pet Spa Challenge

Pet Spa Challenge

Description: Can You Survive the Spa? Its going to be a tough day at the Pet Salon. Everyone has called in sick. The stylist, the shampoo guy, and even the intern who cleans up. You are on your own today, and its going to be busy.
How To Play: This game is played with mouse only.

Games : Kitty Princess Dress up

 Kitty Princess Dress up

Description: If you like Hello Kitty, this kids fashion game will give you a ton of ideas for achieving a look inspired by the mythical manga cat! 

Games : Police Bike

Police Bike

Description: Run over pimps, prostitutes, and even cats!
How To Play: Use mouse to steer

Games : Taylor Swift Makeover Game

 Taylor Swift Makeover Game

Description: Taylor is getting ready for another tour around the world. She is back at home getting ready to leave. First she needs a nice new look. Give her the best makeover she has ever had.

Games : President Obama vs Michelle

President Obama vs Michelle

Description: President Obama vs Michelle Dress up: In this game, please Dress up Mr. President and his pretty wife to get ready for his speech to the nation! 

Games : Brittany Birt: Pets Care

Brittany Birt: Pets Care

Description: New funny addicting virtual pet game with some dress up and caring elements. Brittany Birt goes to pet salon for a work and she needs your help to take care about the pets to earn money. Place the pets to the seats and satisfy their wishes. You will need to wash, clean, dry and comb cats and dogs. Then you will need to feed, comb, cure, and cuddle pets. And the last your will be to dress up the pets as they want.
How To Play: Use your mouse to play this game